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The ctype.h header provies functionality to classify and transform characters.


The char data type is implicitly cast to int. The functions in this header are affected by the currently installed C locale.


The classification functions return 0 if false, otherwise a nonzero value if true.

int isalnum(int c);
is alphanumeric character
int isalpha(int c);
is alphabetical character
int isblank(int c);
is blank character
int iscntrl(int c);
is control character
int isdigit(int c);
is decimal digit
int isgraph(int c);
is graphically representable
int islower(int c);
is lower case letter
int isprint(int c);
is printable
int ispunct(int c);
is punctuation character
int isspace(int c);
is white space character
int isupper(int c);
is upper case letter
int isxdigit(int c);
is hexadecimal digit


The conversion functions return the converted letter as int which can be implicitly cast as char.

int tolower(int c);
to lower case letter
int toupper(int c);
to upper case letter

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