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The stddef.h header provides fundamental type aliases and macros. Many of these definitions also appear in other headers.

Excluding type aliases max_align_t, ptrdiff_t and wchar_t and function-like macro offsetof.

Type aliases

Alias for:
  • (x86) unsigned int
  • (x86-64) unsigned long int
The sizeof operator returns a size_t value. It is widely used in the standard library to represent sizes and counts.


Expands to (void*)0
Macro for a null pointer. It has three primary use cases:
  1. To initialise a pointer variable before assigning it a valid memory address.
  2. To return from a function when no valid memory address can be returned, e.g. for error handling.
  3. To pass as a function argument when it is not desired to pass a valid memory address.

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